19 januari 2016

Israthoum - "Antru Kald": the first actual pro-tape release

Our latest release has been out for a while, we have been postponing the post.
And now it is finally at our blog as well, fresh at is were just freshly squeezed. Isn't that nice.
Israthoum - " Antru Kald" on tape! A great release and a very gratifying result indeed.
It is never too late to state that.
Some copies are still available, so get it now before your tape-deck gets screwed!

15 juli 2013

New Release: AB IMO PECTORE "The Dissociative Path"

After long months of delays thanks to an incompetent printing company (Foonvinyl, from the Netherlands), we have finally recieved the MLP's from Ab Imo Pectore. Both layout and sound are perfect!

This is a co-release together with Daemon Worship Productions. the 12" MLP is strictly limited to 300 copies and can be ordered directly from us for € 10,-  (+ p.p.).
Here you can have a taste of the fathomless dark spheres of Ab Imo Pectore.
Labels and distributions can ask for wholesale prices.
Trades could be possible depending on what you have to offer.

3 september 2012

AB IMO PECTORE - "The Dissociative Path"

"I begin with nothingness.
Nothingness is the same as fullness"

"The Dissociative Path"  10"  MLP is now available for pre-order. Get in touch for wholesale prices!
Released by S.A.R.S. Productions and Daemon Worship Prod. 

ISRATHOUM - "Promo 2010"

Release date: March 1st, 2010
Format: Promo CD
Track list:
   1. The Presence, the Baying
   2. Procession of Demented
   3. Eradication Psalm
   4. A Birthmark of Unexistence

ISRATHOUM - "Monument of Brimstone"

Release date: October 1st, 2008
Format: Full-length CD
Track list:
   1. Wearing You
   2. Painters of Uncreation
   3. Christ Null and Void
   4. Soul Funeral
   5. The Slanderer
   6. My Death Grotesque
   7. Fire, Deliverance
   8. ...Through the Voices of the Dead

Reviews: link

ISRATHOUM - "Promo 2007"

Release date: September 1st, 2007
Format: Promo CD
Track List:
   1. Christ Null and Void
   2. Soul Funeral

ISRATHOUM - "Black Scenery Avatar"

Release date: June 13th, 2004.    Limited to 333 copies 
Format: MCD 
Track list: 
   1. The Eldritch Circle
   2. The Storm Which Lies Ahead 
   3. Guidance
   4. The Ghostly Hour 
   5. Dimensions 
   6. Black Scenery Avatar